Ski and Snowboard in the Alps – Winter Day Trip From Munich

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The mighty Alps are simply my favorite place on the planet. How can you not fall in love with their jugged snow capped presence and pristine beauty? I grew up snowboarding in Alaska, but I always had one eye on the Alps. “One day I will snowboard those gorgeous mountains,” I told myself, as I flipped through ski and snowboard magazines. Little did I know, that I would eventually be living at the foothills of the Alps, with the opportunity for weekly day trips out to snowboard. I can load up my gear, hop on a train or a bus and for under 75 euros, I am shredding the pistes of some of the best terrain in Europe. You can as well, with these easy, well priced day trips from Munich to snowboard or ski in the German or Austrian Alps.

Ski and Snowboard in the Alps Day Trip from Munich

Getting to the Alps from Munich, for a day of riding, is much easier than one might think. This guide will cover three different, all inclusive, options for riding in the Austrian or German Alps. The first is an option called Ski Bus München, which for less than 65 Euros you have bus transit to Austria with a designated host, small breakfast, a beer and lift ticket for the day. The second option is a train/ski pass combo out to Garmisch Classic or Zugspitze to snowboard at the base of Germany’s tallest mountain, for around 45 euros. The third option, is through a program called Winter Party, which gives you the same deal as Ski Bus München, but with added lunch and several hours of Après-skin (after ski) partying.

Day Trip from Munich to Ride in the Alps

Stats for Your Day Trip to the Ski The Alps

Length of Time: A long full day, 12-18 hours with an early 6:00am start.
Most busses depart around 6-6:30am. Make sure arrive 20 min early and check the time for each trip individually.
Home between 7pm-11pm. If you want to be home early, choose option 1 or 2. Option three, Winter Party gets you home very late and is a LONG day. Please see each section for more details. Also keep an eye on where you are on the mountain so you don’t miss your transportation back home.

Skill Level: 80HP. Advanced to more difficult. If you’re a beginner skier or snowboarder grab some lessons and rent some gear! Enjoy everything from easy to black runs depending on your skill level.

Options and Cost: Cost ranges from 45-75 euros for the day, depending on the mountain. Bring extra cash for drinks or food as needed.

Seasons: Winter.

Packing List:

  • Ski & Snowboard gear. If you don’t have any, rent from the mountain.
  • Small backpack, can be left on bus.
  • Water.
  • Winter Gear.
  • Tickets you bought online, for Ski Bus and Winter Party.
  • 2 Euro coin for deposit on lift ticket
  • Day Trip with Ski Bus München to the Austrian Alps

    HochZillertal Zillertal Arena Ski resort Austria Ski Bus München

    I think this option is the best for anyone looking for an all inclusive, stress free package to ride in Austria. The Austrian Alps are bigger and better than the slopes you’ll find in Germany, so I choose this option when I can. There are four packages, ranging in price and varying mountain terrains. Hochzillertal is my favorite as it runs every Saturday, is reasonably priced and the transit time is manageable. Find more information in selecting an option that is best for you here.

    Skiing and snowboarding in the Austrian Alps from Munich

    Ski Bus München is one of my favorite activities to do as a local in Munich. It’s so well organized and stress free that even guests traveling through Munich for only a few days can participate. Purchase your tickets online a few days before, because on busy weekends the buses can fill up and sell out. The ski bus typically picks up and drops off at the main Munich bus station, called the ZOB. You will want to be at the station between 6am-6:20am depending one which package you booked. ZOB Munich Ski Bus Munich The easiest way to get there is to find an U-bahn that connects to an S-bahn, or just hop on an S-bahn heading to Hackerbrücke station. Cross the bridge at Hackerbrücke, enter the bottom of the station and look for a bus headed to your destination. Ask the drivers if you need help. Plan your transit out the night before, so you’re not late. You want to arrive 20 min early, at least, to find the right bus and get a seat next to your friends. You will need to show your ticket to the host or driver before loading up on the bus. As soon as the bus departs you will be given your lift ticket, in exchange for 2 euros, and a light breakfast. The host will explain the trip and what time to be back at the bus. If you have any questions, they usually speak enough English to help you. Always remember your bus driver and where you’re dropped off. Once you arrive in Austria the fun starts! Rent gear or head straight up the mountain for a fun filled day of skiing and snowboarding in the gorgeous Austrian Alps. At the end of the day, turn your ski ticket in to the driver for a refreshing beer! You’ll be back in Munich in time for a late dinner around 6-7pm.

    Day Trip from Munich to ski or snowboard in the Alps Hochzillertal

    Day Trip from Munich to ski or snowboard in the Alps Hochzillertal

    Day Trip from Munich to ski or snowboard in the Alps Hochzillertal

    Day Trip from Munich to Ski & Snowboard Garmisch

    This option is for a more independent traveler or local who wants to stick closer to Munich. You’re completely on your own to navigate the train system and there is no group host or guide with you. Your final destination is Garmisch Classic, famous for the Olympics, and it is a great place to ski in the German Alps.

    Day trip from Munich to Ski and Snowboard at Garmisch the German Alps

    Our journey starts at the Munich Central Train station or Hbh. I suggest getting in the DB (Deutsch Bahn) ticketing line to buy your Garmish Classic train and ski pass. You can purchase them from the machines as well, but it’s a bit confusing for a non-local. For 48 Euros you get RT train fare and a ski pass to Garmisch Classic resort. I recommend taking the 7:13 or 7:32am train that departs on time from platform 29. Make sure to arrive 20 min early to get tickets and a seat. The train dead ends at Garmisch-Partenkirche Hbh. From there you will need to take your train tickets and follow the signs for the Z
    ugspitzebahn. Exchange your ticket for your ski pass, which will get you on the next train and wait at the platform for it. This train is charming, as it is a classic train from the 80s or 90s! Ride this to Hausberg stop. From there you can rent gear or head straight up the mountain. I believe this train stops running around 7, so make sure after your day of skiing you wrap things by by about 6:30 to head back to Munich! Worst case you can walk to the main Garmisch Hbh to get back to Munich. Almost everyone here speaks English, as it’s a popular destination for U.S. military members, with a base near by.

    Day trip from Munich to Ski and Snowboard at Garmisch the German Alps

    Day trip from Munich to Ski and Snowboard at Garmisch the German Alps

    Day trip from Munich to Ski and Snowboard at Garmisch the German Alps

    Day trip from Munich to Ski and Snowboard at Garmisch the German Alps

    Winter Party Day Trip from Munich with Aprés-Ski

    If you like to party this option is for you! Start your day off with a full day of snowboarding in the Austrian Alps and then buckle up for 3-4 hours of Aprés-Ski. This option is perfect for uni students, young couples or groups of friends who are looking for a unique party experience.

    Winter Party day trip from Munich

    This option is another all inclusive guided trip. For 75 euros you get a RT bus to and from the mountain, breakfast, energy drink, lunch, lift ticket, 2 drinks and time to party! Find more information on their website. It is in German and can be hard to translate, use google if you need help. Remember to buy your tickets a few days in advance and have them with you to get on the bus. The pick up and drop off location is near the Munich Ostbahnhof, which is accessible by all S-bahn lines. From there use this map to find the bus pick up location. Your host will welcome you aboard and provide you with the breakfast, energy drink and any help you might need. Again, your host usually will know some English if you need help figuring out times and location for your day. After you arrive at the mountain you will have the day to snowboard or ski. Lunch is at a specific spot and you will receive lunch tickets from your host. At the end of the day head back to your bus to drop off any gear and then follow the music to the after party. Enjoy Alpine schlager music and a wild time. Drink as much as you want, since you’re not driving home! This is a long day and you will not be back in Munich until around 11pm.

    Winter Party Munich

    Winter Party Munich

    Enjoy your fun filled day in the beautiful Alps. Don’t forget to pin this to your favorite outdoor or German board! Happy Shredding!


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      Your pictures are great, looks like a lot of fun. I always wanted to visit the alps 🙂

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      These photos are so beautiful! I love a good snowy winter destination 🙂
      Thanks for the tips!

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      I am Rafael and intend to spend my Saturday (February, 16) in alps and snowboard.

      We are two guys doesn’t have experience and any accessories.

      Could send all the coust for us?
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      I appreciate your attention

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