Google Trips App Review – A Weekend in Stockholm

It’s been quite the whirlwind year of travel for me. After visiting 20 countries and 43 cities, it seemed that almost every other weekend I was jetting off somewhere new. So, when my trip to Stockholm landed right between a trip to the U.S. for a wedding and a girl’s weekend in Ireland I was overwhelmed. I barely had any time to plan my Stockholm weekend at all. Lucky for me, Google had just released a new app called Google Trips. As a bit of a tech nut, I figured this would be a great time to test out the new travel app Forbes and others were raving about. I mean it’s Google, so it has to be amazing, right? Mostly yes, but there are still some shortcomings which will we discuss in this article. I used the app solely to plan my weekend in Stockholm, and here is my Google Trips app review.

Google Trips App Review

Final Thoughts

Google Trips App Review

Weekend Overview Using the App

It was a cold Friday morning. My travel partner and significant other was working for the day, so I set out on a solo tour of Stockholm. With no prior planning involved I opened my Google Trips app. Thanks to the easy syncing from my Google account the app already knew I was in Stockholm and for how long. In this regard it acts much like Tripit. However unlike Tripit, it’s very easy to follow and geared toward the every day traveler, rather than the points lover or business traveler. This is probably one of the best features. Gone are the days of searching my inbox for “Lufthansa Confirmation,” until I find the email with the dates. Everything I needed was here, including the location of my hotel. Google had already generated day trips and ideas for my three days in Stockholm.

Google Trips App Review

Not knowing much about the neighborhoods, I choose the day trip closest to me and followed their step by step map for the Östermalm and Norrmalm neighborhoods. The tour started in a park like plaza, continued to the History Museum, various churches and the opera house. Since I had downloaded the Stockholm area, it was really nice to have Google present Wikipedia type entires on each location, so I could learn about the history and facts for each stop instantly. This reminded me much of another app I use called Triposo. However this was MUCH easier to use, more informative and concise. I did enjoy wandering around the museum, but everything else was a quick stop to look at a rose garden or a statue. I found myself simply enjoying the city more than the tour I was on.

Stockholm City Tour

Later that afternoon I met up with my boyfriend. He left work to meet me half way through my tour. We were both a bit peckish and opened the app and searched through the “Traditional Swedish” dining section for lunch. We found a place with a 4.1 rating and enjoyed our locally sourced afternoon snack. It was nice to have a map option, so we could search for traditional food near us, the app also includes the Google rating, peak times and business hours. After lunch We continued to follow the day guide from earlier, but quickly grew bored. My boyfriend who had been to Stockholm before remembered a fun area full of bars and restaurants by the water. So, we cut the tour short and went out for a drink.

Google Trips Review

His parents landed that night and we needed somewhere to eat for dinner. I had my heart set on seafood, since that was something the entire family could enjoy. I was disappointed there was no search option in the dining part of the app. We ended up closing the app and using google maps and search to find a place we all liked. It would be nice to search in the app based on a food type rather than pre determined restaurant type, like fine dining or cafe. We choose a well rated seafood house and set off. Our dinner was enjoyable and the entire family had a good time!

Google Trips Reviewew

The next day we wanted something indoors the entire family could do. The weather was cold, rainy and windy. Winter was coming. I popped open the app and went to their activity indoor idea section. We had all heard of the Vasa Museum and quickly decided this was the right option for us. It was nice to have indoor activities listed for bad weather, since no one wanted to be outside or wandering around looking for something to do. After an afternoon exploring the museum, we used the app to find a suitable restaurant near us.

Google Trips App Review

The evening drew near and it was time to find a fun cocktail bar or jazz club. I opened the app once again and searched for a Nightlife section. I found only a sentence or two describing the nightlife in Stockholm. With Stockholm known for Jazz clubs we were a bit disappointed and I was hoping for detailed section with bars, clubs, jazz halls and events. We resorted back to the standard googling of top jazz clubs in Stockholm. We found one and had a great night! As a nightlife guru, myself I would love to see Trips expand past your basic day guide. They’re missing the mark for Millennials who might be using the app to find a good party or a stiff drink.

On our last day in Stockholm we chose another one of their basic day trips, as I really didn’t have time to plan our tour. This time we were heading into Galma Stan, the historic district. This tour took us around to the City Hall, Royal Palace, into the Nobel Museum, a few other churches and some historic buildings. This tour was better than my first day, but I think that’s because the area was more interesting to me. Still everything was quite basic and easy to find on my own. Both day trip tours we did, only took a few hours, so to optimize your day you would need to find additional areas to add to the map.

Overall, the weekend was great and we were able to see the highlights of Stockholm, but it wasn’t my cup of tea in terms of ideas of things to do. Most things we enjoyed had been suggested by someone who had been to the city before, a local tip or good old fashion researching. Here’s a quick run down of the pros and cons of my Google Trips app review.


The pros I found are all really positive things, but I think Google has a ways to go to flesh this into an app I would use over my own research or plans.

  • Streamlined. The app collects all your reservations and itineraries and makes everything easy to find. No more searching for that hotel reservation in your email.

  • Intuitive. Ideas change based on location, weather, length of time in the city and what is open. Great for finding restaurants or other interests near you in a pinch.

  • Everything Google. It’s great to have Google reviews, maps, hours and peak time of business available in one location. Now switching between apps or programs to find what you need.

  • Offline option. No more frantically trying to find wifi to find your next adventure.

  • Facts & Info. Be in the know, while exploring the city learning about buildings, history and culture as you go. This is almost like a pocket wikipedia.

  • Things to do. Probably their best feature, this allows you to find niche things to do based on your interest. This is much better than the day trip feature and even provides day trips out of the city and things for the whole family.

  • Customizable. If you have the time and are willing, I highly recommend planning a custom trip and using the easy map and planning features to plot out a day that fits you perfectly.

  • Getting Around. Great overview of the transportation options in the city. I wish their need to know section was this detailed and helpful as it really covers everything you need to know to safely get around the city.
  • Cons

    I know I am speaking out against Google. I haven’t been able to find a review of this product that really looked at it objectively without praising google based on what they promised to do. There are definitely a few flaws with this app and you still have to do your part and use your favorite travel bloggers to help you plan the best trip.

  • Lacking Need To Know feature This feature could be better than what they made it. Currently for Stockholm it covers tax and where the shopping and markets are. It should provide stats on the country or city. What type of language do they speak, what are some absolute do not dos when visiting, what is the currency, political system…? I could think of a million things to include in a need to know before you travel section and very few of there are where to find the malls.

  • Basic Pre Set Day Trips. One of the reasons I started travel blogging was to fill a whole in the travel blogging community. It’s SO EASY these days to find the top things to do in said destination. Google just became another in the line long of ways to find a basic trip for a city. If you’re like me and want to find unique places you have to do a lot more digging and planning. I don’t mind, since I like planning and finding things to fit my taste, but for a last second trip to Stockholm I don’t feel like I was able to experience the city how I wanted and was a bit disappointed in their day trip options.

  • No Share Feature. I would love to plan my trip and share it with my boyfriend, maybe even authorize him to edit and add things he is interested in. Or maybe I want to create some killer tours for my readers and share a link with them so they can get my hipster guides to their phone. Now wouldn’t that be cool?

  • Limited Search. The only search bar I found was in in the “Activities” section, even then what you can actually search for is very limited. When I wanted to find some good jazz clubs or specifically search for seafood, I could not find a search feature to help me with this option in the app.

  • Insider Trips. I would love to get a local’s insider or blogger’s tips added or something unique outside the main tourist attractions.
  • Final Thoughts

    My Google Trips app review conclusion is, that a solid start. For the price of FREE, you really can’t go wrong and it should be in every travelers and bloggers phone. The app is making huge strides toward streamlining the travel app industry. It’s great to have an offline option for this all inclusive app for travelers. Despite a few lacking features, like share and search, I will use it again. I won’t make the same mistake twice and next time I’ll take the time to plan a custom trip that I can enjoy. Overall, I would give it a 3/5 stars.

    29 thoughts on “Google Trips App Review – A Weekend in Stockholm

    1. Kaaya

      Thank you for the elaborate review. I love how you were both honest about the pros and the cons. The app looks like a great app to me,.so I’ll pin this and use it later!

    2. Sarah Kim, Tales From a Fork

      I was one of the beta testers for this app and I have the same comments as you! I really love how it put everything in one place from my emails but for Amsterdam specifically, I wish it had more local type recommendations. Glad to hear your input.

    3. Jen Morrow

      Great review, I will check this out. I have used Tripit (only a little) and my go-to app is Trip Advisor. I trust the Trip Advisor reviews, but I find cool little restaurants or activities by sheer luck, and when I go to TA to rat ethem, there is no listing.Hopefully, Google has a better list.

    4. Jo

      Thanks for sharing this detailed review of Google is great to read the pros and few unfortunate cons of the app but it does seem like it makes an unplanned travel easier. For me, all my trips are unplanned so this might come in handy.

    5. Shobha george

      I’ve never hear doc Google Trips! once again Google is piloting something that I think will be used by lots more people in the future but they need to get the kinks out. I’ll try this out in my hometown of London.

    6. Goni Boller

      Amazing and honest review, thanks for that. I always wanted to try the app, but did not have a chance yet. I would not expect an app like the one from google to give more details than the usual top things to do in xyz. Don’t get me wrong, that would be amazing, but is there an app or anything which can actually provide that?

      1. Wandering Chocobo Post author

        Not that I can think of, which is why I think it’s so important travel bloggers keep doing what they’re doing. We can provide insight on those amazing hole in the walls.

    7. Misa

      I haven’t heard of this app till now and even tho you found some things that you didn’t like I think I’ll try it next time I’m traveling!
      Hope you liked Stockholm! I’ve never been there even tho I spent 5 months in Sweden (oops) so I really love Swedish culture :))

      1. Wandering Chocobo Post author

        I love Swedish culture as well, so Stockholm was amazing. I grew up in Alaska and love the arctic way of life. I would say that it’s a really helpful app for certain things and therefor worth downloading despite the negative comments.

    8. Zoe

      I’ve never heard of this app, I usually just use trip advisor but your review has tempted me to give the Google Trips App a go for my next trip! 🙂 Sounds good that it has an offline option so can be used without wifi and I really like that you can search for traditional dining options, but agree that having local insider tips would be better 🙂

    9. Marissa

      I have never heard of Google Trips before reading your article, so it’s good to know that this travel app exists! I appreciate your honest review of the app’s features — it sounds like it’s a helpful tool but certainly doesn’t take all of the trip planning out of your hands. Still, something useful to use in a pinch, and I love that it compiles all of your travel reservations in one place!

    10. Brown Gal Trekker

      I’m a mountain trekker so gear is important…and not getting lost. I’ll have to check this out. I usually just prepare before I land in a major city as to where to go and what to do. Never thought about having a navigation app to help out but I’m sure it would make things easier if I had this.

    11. Bonita

      Nice app review. I have never used a trip all apart from trip advisor. Most of the places I go to are remote and the internet is not a very reliable tool to get by. Will give thus a shot! Definitely.

    12. Rosemary

      What a great and honest review. I’ve heard about Google Trips but have never used it for my travels. Great to read what worked and didn’t work about the app. Do you know if you can use it without wi-fi? Cheers.

    13. Caroline @ The Travelling Sloth

      Hold on, there’s a google trip app?! How did I not know about this sooner (would’ve helped me plan so many of my trips)..
      I’m glad to know that there’s an offline option – It’s always frustrating needing to find WIFI just to re-load a page/map. I find that on my Maps.Me app, I can find options of where I can eat, sleep, drink etc so maybe if these two apps were combined, it would be amazing?

      Thanks for doing this review! I love how transparent you are about the pros and cons. I may download it and give it a shot the next time I’m out and about and see what I reckon 🙂


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