Australia Travel Guide

Sydney Beaches Wandering Chocobo

“Don’t go to Australia,” they said. “Everything will try and kill you,” they said. “Don’t threaten me with a good time,” I said as I bravely marched around the country. I felt like I had ben transported back in time or to another planet. I wondered through the lush rainforests and National Parks. The ground seemed to be breathing, everything is alive. Something would scuttle through the leaves. I jumped, “what was that?” I said terrified, yet curious. Every animal and every colorful flowering plant was something extraordinary, unlike anywhere else on the planet. Liquid Nitrogen fizzed and burned as it flowed over some of the craziest cocktails accompanied by amazing food in Melbourne. And Sydney, oh Sydney, a city nestled in nature with beautiful beaches, lush forests and a hip urban life all rolled in to a sprawling city. Come explore Australia with this in depth Australian travel guide covering Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We explore the great outdoors and then hit pause for the local hipster hot spots, so you can see the best of both worlds.

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