Day Trip from Munich to Tegernsee

A clearing opens before you as you leave the padded forest behind. The sound of goats bleating fades into the distance. You smile, spotting a hut with the white and blue of Bavaria adorning the umbrellas. You have just enough time to recharge your batteries with a refreshing locally brewed Tegernsee beer before beginning the grueling stair climb. Your motivation is the view from the top. The stairway ends at a small chapel with breathtaking panorama views; nestled among the red roofed houses of Bavaria lays the sparkling lake of Tegernsee. This is hiking in Bavaria and this is the day trip from Munich by train, to Tegernsee.

Day Trip from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

Day trip from Munich by Train, to Tegernsee

Another exciting installment in our Day Trips from Munich series is here! This time we’re heading to the foothills of the Alps for a fun day of hiking in the gorgeous Tegernsee. This day trip from Munich to Tegernsee can be done year round, but I’m debuting this post during my favorite season to visit, autumn. Hiking in the Bavarian Alps in the autumn is truly something special with the trees shining bright shades of orange and yellow and the cool temperatures. I’ll cover a few of my favorite routes, but once you’re in town you’ll be able to plan your own adventure if you choose. The town is incredibly hiker friendly and is well marked from the second you leave the train station. Make sure to stick around to the end because I’ll go over some of the highlights of making this day trip from Munich in the winter too!

Trip Stats

Length of Time: 6-8 hour day. About 2 hours of transit and about 4-6 hours hiking, plus lunch!
Skill Level: 20-70 HP, which is beginner and intermediate trails. Some of these trails are very easy and paved/smooth rock the whole time, some of them are uneven and rocky. Elevation gain ranges from 400-1000 depending on the hike you take.
Options and Cost: The cost of your BOB ticket, if you have more than 2 people in your group, buy the group ticket. It’s 31 Euros and saves your a ton! Bring some extra spending money for beer and lunch.
Seasons: All seasons. Hiking in the spring, summer and autumn and Tobogganing and ice skating in the winter!
Packing List:

  • Small backpack.
  • Water bottle or camelback.
  • Camera.
  • Good walking or trail shoes.
  • Light jacket in the fall. (check the weather for rain)
  • Extra food or snacks, I usually go to Dean and David at the train station and back a sandwich.
  • Starting Your Day

    The day trip from Munich to Tegernsee is a great option for the outdoor lover who needs a break from the city. The train leaves from the Munich Hbf about every 30 min from 5 after. You can find a detailed Timetable here. Head to the train station about 20-30 min before your train leaves, so you can grab some breakfast, coffee, buy your ticket and have plenty of time to find your train. There are plenty of ticketing stations near the platforms with english translation. Buy your BOB or Meridan (only on weekends) group tickets from the station, they also have a kiosk with English speaking attendants to help if you’re scared to navigate the tickets or station on your own. Head toward platforms 23-27, in the back corner. Look for the train that has Tegernsee lit on the front and all aboard! Make sure to load into the front cars that say Tegernsee on them. ***This train splits into three parts and if you’re not on the right compartment you’ll be having a different type of day trip! Tegernsee is your last stop, so sit back and enjoy the views!

    Finding Your Trail

    As soon as you leave the train station there’s restrooms and a shop, if you need anything. When you’re ready to start your day, walk along the station toward town and you’ll see a huge billboard with hiking trails and directions on it. You can wing it and plan your day based on this map, or use my guide for help. Pick your trail and look around for the yellow signs on poles. These will be your handy helpers for sticking to the trail and knowing how long and how far you have to go. Here’s the rundown of a few options!

    Tegernsee Hiking – Riederstein

  • 9km. 400m.
  • 2.5 hours.
  • Circuit trail.
  • Probably the easiest hike with the best views. The best bang for your buck, if you will. This trail starts along paved road before crossing a river continuing to a steady uphill climb. This first part is steep, but with benches and amazing views it’s all worth it. Keep following the trail as it wraps along the side of the mountain through farm land with adorable baby sheep! After about an hour or more you’ll and some unpaved incline you’ll hit a clearing with that long awaited beer garden! Grab some brews and enjoy lunch with a view!

    Hiking Tegernsee Wandering Chocobo

    Tegernsee Beer Hiking day trip from Munich

    After lunch the real work starts! It’s only 20 minutes, but it’s ALL stairs through the thick lush woods. As with any hike in Bavaria you’re given a friendly reminder of the 15 stations of the cross. I think it’s their way of dealing with the torture of climbing stairs.Once you reach the top, or station 15, you’re rewarded with amazing views of the surrounding Tegernsee area! There’s also a super cute chapel on top. Sign their visitor book for a lasting memory.

    Day Trip  from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking in Tegernsee Wandering Chocobo

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking in Tegernsee Wandering Chocobo

    The way back down connects with the beer garden then loops around the mountain and connects with the town for a scenic walk around the lake this option is mostly all paved. My tip is to grab another beer at the hut for good measure. Once you are in the town the trail makers will direct you back to the Hbf. The train departs from Tegernsee back to Munich every 20 minutes, but make sure you’re back to the station before 6 or you might not make the day trip back to Munich. Most trains will go direct to Munich, but check the signage on your carriage before sitting down.

    Hiking in Tegernsee Wandering Chocobo


  • 8km. 600m.
  • 2.5 hours.
  • Circuit trail.
  • An alternative to the hike above is my favorite variation. It peaks at Pfliegeleck and has a lot more unpaved wooded trail. You start the trail like normal, as soon as you peak the first steep paved part and view point you’ll see a yellow trail marker sign pointing right into the woods. This trail is a bit more advanced, but it’s more similar to the hiking I am used to. Once you peak, you’ll see a giant cross, as you do in Bavaria. From here the trail continues down a paved trail, which will turn back into unpaved elevation before meeting up with the beer garden. Continue up to the chapel for your panorama views.

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

    Take a different way down for some extra variety. Once you reach the beer garden go straight down the little valley toward the town. Be careful though as you’re walking right through a herd of Alpine cattle and this trail has loose gravel! They cattle are friendly, but you’ll want to stay out of their way and give them space.

    Day Trip from Munich Hiking Tegernsee

    Continue though the town to the train station.

    Tegernsee to Schliersee

  • 13km. 520m.
  • 4 hours.
  • One Way.
  • This route is for those who aren’t a fan of the circuit route and is a good intermediate level hike. The trail takes you over the spine of the small mountain area from one town the the next. The start of this trail is opposite of the other two. So, when you exit the train in Tegernsee you’ll need to turn to the left instead of the right and follow trail markings for this. The town you end up in is called Hausham. This hike has scenic views of both Tegernsee and Schliersee, so you can check out two lakes spotted with the adorable red houses of Bavaria. You can use your BOB ticket all day for any transportation, so you can easily catch the BOB or Meridan back to Munich from Hausham station.

    Day trip from Munich to Tegernsee, in the Winter

    You’ll want to add a lot of winter gear on to your packing list including, hats, boots, gloves, jackets and snow pants if you can get your hands on some.

    This is something I have yet to personally experience, even though I’ve had several summer and autumn adventures in Tegernsee. This year I am waiting anxiously for the snowfall so I can update and share my adventures with you. The best thing about most day trip from Munich is they can be enjoyed year round. The Bavarians don’t let a little snow stop them from having fun. As soon as you exit the snowy train station follow the trail for our first hiking trip Riederstein. Yes, this involves a bit of hiking in the snow, but don’t worry the trails are well groomed and manageable! Once you’re at the top 4 Euros will get you a ride down in the toboggan or snow tube! Enjoy a fast paced snow filled ride to the bottom. Make sure to grab their famous fondue or hot chocolate to warm up before catching the train home!

    Munich to Tegernsee

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    Day Trip from Munich to hike in the beautiful Tegernsee

31 thoughts on “Day Trip from Munich to Tegernsee

  1. Anju

    appreciate the level of detail you give in your post, makes it all that easier for people to plan! pictures look beautiful, the sun filtering through the trees is so amazing! thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  2. Erika

    This area sounds like a dream for lovers of the outdoors! The forest at Pfliegeleck looks magical and surreal and the views from RIederstein are magical. I’d love to do some hiking there and fondue sounds like a perfect reward!

  3. Candy

    Wow! That’s a long hike! I’m always amazed when I read posts about hikes that take all day. I’ve only completed short easy hikes. The photos look amazing too!

    1. Wandering Chocobo Post author

      That’s what I love about hiking in Germany, there’s always a beer garden halfway up so you can rest and grab a beer haha. There’s one hike in here that’s about 2.5 hours, so that’s a good starting point!

  4. Natalie

    I should definitely go to Southern Germany more often. While I like Munich, I usually just go there to visit friends and don’t take the time to visit the Alps – a mistake, I can see that when I look at your pictures. Those hikes look amazing. Love your whole blog, by the way!

    1. Wandering Chocobo Post author

      I actually tend to get bored in the city living here, so I am always out and about the surrounding area. Next time you come you’ll have to visit outside the city.
      Thank you so much, that means a lot!

  5. Ilefthome

    Wow what a detailed post, thank you! The photos are so beautiful and I think you’re right – hiking in the fall is something so special! What gorgeous colours!

  6. Marie

    I haven’t been to Germany, but now I want to go! It looks so idyllic. Thanks for sharing this detailed information!

  7. Jo

    Tegernsee sounds so awesome. I think 4-6 hours of moderate level hiking is exactly what the doc ordered for me. I am amazed how you can always go out of a big city few hours here/there and read a completely untouched (comparatively) paradise.

  8. Deni

    I love how in depth this guide is!! I’ve been wanting to do a hike for so long now, so I may need to come to Germany to lace up my hiking boots again! (Although I can’t imagine doing 20 minutes of stairs right after lunch! Hello leg muscles!)

  9. Brit Hemming

    I absolutely love your writing style. I feel like I am there. You are a great storyteller! I haven’t been to Munich yet but after reading this post I absolutely want to add it to my list. Beautiful photos! I never would have known that just outside of Munich would be a great place for hiking. Can’t wait to read your other posts šŸ™‚

  10. Alouise

    I’ll admit I’m not much of a hike…actually been to intimidated to do a hike on my own. But these hikes look gorgeous. And to go on a hike to a beer garden with those views is pretty stunning.

    1. Wandering Chocobo Post author

      Well if you’re ever in the area and need a hiking buddy, let me know. It can be intimidating, but on well marked trails, it’s not so bad. Just start small and easy and you’ll learn to love it.

  11. Bianca

    Perfect scenery! perfectfor lovers of the outdoors! The forest at Pfliegeleck looks amazing. Iā€™d love to do some hiking there someday! There are also tons of hiking places here in PH! šŸ™‚

  12. Allison

    Tegernsee look wonderful and good to know it can be done in a day from Munich. You photos are stunning, I particularly like the stairs and the leaf covered path. I think you really warned that beer after your hike!

  13. Tracy

    Love the trails! the color of the trees is so mesmerizing. I plan to do my first summer overseas trekking next year, hope to get beautiful scenery like yours. šŸ™‚

  14. Kathy (from

    Beer and walking. It’s a great mix. Thank you for putting so much details in your posts. It is a great help when it comes to planning a walk! I have done a couple of walks near Munich with a friend (I can’t remember the names of the places though šŸ™ ) and it was great. Plenty of rest stops to grab a beer too šŸ™‚

  15. Maja | Mexatia

    Nice and detailed post! We recently started hiking so I love beginners friendly trails. It’s even better if they are photo friendly like Tegernsee, right? Leaves covered paths are my favorite thing about autumn.

  16. Barbara

    As someone who’ve lived the majority of my life within walking distance of the start of the Riederstein hike I gotta say you picked nice hikes. And I’m glad there are some you didn’t pick because I love their solitary atmosphere.
    I do really wanna go on the Riederstein again now though, haven’t gone up there in years, used to be up there at least once a week as a kid.

    1. Wandering Chocobo Post author

      You have such a lovely home Barbara! I just moved to Munich and have been enjoying all the hiking around the area. I’ve been branching out a bit more and starting to do some harder hikes, but they’re a bit hard to explain in a blog post, or do in a day trip, plus I would like to keep them more secret for locals like us to enjoy šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!


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