The Chocobo, a fictional bird in a beloved Final Fantasy video game series. If you captured one of these birds in the game it would take around the world and back, especially off the beaten path and hard to reach places.

Growing up in Alaska, I was a wild child. I spent most of my time outdoors, with twigs in my hair and dirt on my face, but when I was inside I was engrossed in a fantasy book or playing my favorite video game. I now live in Munich, Germany and still somehow end up with twigs in my hair. Now that I am an adult though, I find time though to brush my hair and check out all the amazing hipster digs around Europe. I spend my days hiking and my nights sipping craft cocktails mixed by bears and shopping at the local farms markets.

Alaska will always have a special place in my heart. It shaped who I am today. Every time I return home it seems that the glaciers in my back yard are a little smaller and the water levels a little higher. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it and as I travel the world I am faced with more hard realities of mass tourism and climate change, so moving in to the year of 2017 the Wandering Chocobo will focus not only on your favorite adventures and geeky hideouts, but also eco-tourism and sustainable travel.

I founded the Wandering Chocobo with a love of exploring and preserving the great outdoors, all things nerdy and anything that’s defined as hipster. Just like the Chocobo, I’m hard to catch, easy to lose and impossible to tame, but give me some gysahl greens and I’ll be yours for a brief time as I take you everywhere you dreamed of going.