Hey, I’m Susanna, Sooz, Susie – whichever you prefer. I like to think I have as many sides and personalities as I do names. One-third of the time you’ll find me outside, snowboarding, hiking, trekking, and doing extreme sports. One-third of the time you’ll find me in my underwear drinking scotch playing video games, dressing up in Cosplay, LARPing, playing DnD, or getting to level 99 in life. For the last third of the pie, you’ll find me being vocal about feminism, the environment, sustainable living, eco-tourism and protesting large corporations (You won’t find Amazon affiliates on my site) by giving my money only to small businesses. So, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this blog, from wild outdoor adventures, geeky travel, to sustainable lifestyle tips, and eco-tourism.

About Me

My wild side comes from many years of growing up in the Alaskan wilderness. I walked to school through the snow every day, avoiding moose, and dodging bears in the summer. I lived in Alaska for 26 whole years developing a passion for adventure snow sports, the environment, and great outdoors. However, you can only take so much of a small town and I set off to see the world. One of my biggest driving forces behind traveling is to communicate to my small town back home that there is more than one way of doing things and more than one way to look at life. I quit my job, packed everything that I could fit into my Subaru and drove from Alaska to Las Vegas. I settled in Vegas with a friend of mine for a wild 2 years, before bumping into an Australian. We did long distance for over a year before deciding to move to Germany together. I’m now a full-time freelancer and expat in Germany with my husband who tends to stay out of the limelight. We have a cat, so a lot of my travel is still solo, as someone can take care of the cat. However, our next big adventure is to buy a VW van and drive around Europe with Comrade and his pet passport.

About My Blog

No, Chocobo is not some gourmet Belgian chocolate. The Chocobo is an elusive mythical bird in my favorite video game series Final Fantasy. If you find the bird, which is quite hard, you have to capture it, which is even harder. However, once you tame the bird it takes you to all the hard to reach hidden gems of the map. I felt like it perfectly combined my nerdy side with my wild sense of adventure and passion for finding hidden local gems.

Some of my favorite posts are my Hipster City and Geek Guides. Which focus on promoting small businesses, hipster travel, and geeky hideouts. Check some of them out!

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