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Who is the Wandering Chocobo?

Hey, I’m Susanna, Sooz, Susie – whichever you prefer. I was born in Alaska, where I lived for 26 years before I met an Australian in Las Vegas and moved to Munich. I visit Alaska and Australia as much as possible and call Munich, Alaska and Australia my homes. I like to think I have as many sides and personalities as I do names and homes. One-third of the time you’ll find me outside snowboarding, hiking, trekking and doing extreme sports. One-third of the time you’ll find me in my underwear drinking scotch, playing video games, dressing up in Cosplay, LARPing or playing DnD. For the last third of the pie, you’ll find me being vocal about feminism, the environment, sustainable living, eco-tourism and protesting shitty large corporations by giving my money only to small businesses. So, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this blog, from wild outdoor adventures, geeky travel, responsible travel, and lots of great resources on travel in Germany, Australia, Alaska, and National Parks.

What the Heck is a Chocobo?

A Chocobo is a fictional bird in my favorite video game series. If you can catch this bird it takes you to all the obscure and hard to reach spots in the world, like over mountains, through rivers and deep into forests. So, that’s the goal of this blog, to consciously take you to all the hidden gems around the world and find all those hard to reach spots!

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